Take a Trip to Moon Town

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new town in town.  It’s called Moon Town, and any given sunny day you can find it set up in a gravel driveway near the corner of N. High Street and W. Gay Street.  The town is built to perfection each day it is assembled, complete with roads, […]

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A Bit More Jail Population Fact-Checking

In the past week, OSH has been on a bit of a jail population kick, as it’s come to light that the average daily population at the Rockingham County Jail has grown by the staggering margin of about 100 people in the past year, a huge acceleration of an inmate population growth rate that had […]

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Another Jail Population Graph

Last week, OSH reported on the dramatic growth in the number of people being held in the jail downtown, and the beginning of a new planning process to build a bigger jail or otherwise solve the overcrowding problem there. One of the obstacles to this process is the fact that no one seems to have a […]

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The Jail Population Has Been Growing Quickly, And Now It’s In Overdrive

Perhaps you’ve heard that planning is underway for a solution to overcrowding at the jail downtown, which was built in 1994 and designed to hold 208 inmates. By double-bunking cells and putting down mattresses on the floor, the sheriff can squeeze in somewhere around 350, plus or minus, beyond which they’re sent to rented space […]

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With Harrisonburg Leading the Way, Cities in the Valley Have Made a Population Growth Comeback

A new demographic overview of the Shenandoah Valley just published by the Weldon Cooper Center prompted OSH to take a closer look at population and growth rates in each of the Valley’s localities between Frederick County and Roanoke County. Between 1990 and 2010, the entire region grew by 1.1 percent per year, from 638,000 people […]

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Student Social Media & The JMU Sexual Assault Controversy

Last week, social media was flooded with shares and retweets of JMU student Sarah Butters’ alleged sexual assault by three JMU fraternity brothers on a 2013 spring break trip to Panama City Beach, Fla. In a video of the incident that was later shared with dozens of people, Butters is allegedly shown topless while the […]

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More mural timelapse stuff

OK, so this didn’t happen in Harrisonburg, but it’s the third in a series of collaborations between OSH’s photo curator, Paul Somers, and Bombproof, a Richmond artist who grew up here. They first got together to work on a duck mural in an undisclosed area location, and have gone on to more sanctioned events like […]

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Urban Agriculture Has Been a Harrisonburg Controversy for Two Centuries

An interesting document from the Library of Virginia’s online database shows that controversy over urban agriculture in Harrisonburg began well before the chicken and business-gardening dustups of the early 21st century. In 1800, a few dozen leading citizens petitioned the General Assembly, “praying that a law may help to prevent the owners of hogs suffering […]

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Conversations With Paintbrushes: Artery Creates the Only Shark-Horse in Harrisonburg

On June 6th, I (A) went to one of the coolest events ever, (B) decided art is much cooler when you’re a part of its creation and (C) saw the only shark-horse in Harrisonburg. With paints, brushes and palettes in tow, a local troupe of artists gathered at Larkin Arts downtown for a truly spectacular […]

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Before You Succumb to World Cup Fever, Check Out Harrisonburg’s Link to Another Sport’s World Champion

During the ’06-’08 seasons, a midfielder by the name of Mark Pryor put up middling numbers for the EMU men’s soccer team: 3 goals and 0 assists in 10 starts and 37 total appearances. It wasn’t quite enough for him to make the current U.S. World Cup roster. But soccer was kind of a sporting […]

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