City, county have about half the $100k+-earners as Virginia as a whole

Following up on yesterday’s post about tax refunds claimed by city and county taxpayers, a graph here showing percentage breakdowns of 2012 tax returns filed by city, county and state taxpayers, broken down by adjusted gross income levels. The levels begin at $5,000 increments (the $14,999 category, for example, represents tax filers with adjusted gross […]

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In Case You Were Wondering, The HPD Says It Can’t Track Your Cellphone

Over the past couple years, stories have been popping up about law enforcement agencies across the country quietly using devices that can track cell phone signals, allowing police to pinpoint people’s locations, read their text messages, look at call logs and, perhaps, even listen directly in on conversations. Because the gadgets mimic cell towers and […]

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Guest Post: Not One More Deportation!

A guest post by Hermelinda Cortés: I was born at Rockingham Memorial Hospital at the tail end of 1987. My family found ourselves living on the Rockingham/Augusta County line just outside of Bridgewater. My mom was working class and white from Broadway, my father was a then-undocumented farm-worker Mexican immigrant, and us girls, according to […]

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Pale Fire Brewing Company Coming Soon To An Ice House Near You

The city’s second homegrown brewery, part of the in-progress renovation of the Ice House building on South Liberty St., has a name, Pale Fire Brewing Company, and an ETA: late fall. “We’re Harrisonburg guys opening a Harrisonburg brewery,” says Tim Brady, who got his start in 2002 as the assistant brewer at Calhoun’s (gone, but […]

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Get Amped on MACRoCk: local webzine drops the science

We’re stoked about the super-rad brand new local webzine Worst Week Ever.  They’ve put together an awesome collection of who’s who and what’s to do for MACRoCk XVII and you should definitely read the whole dang thing.  Personally I’m pretty stoked about the organizers’  choice of a cicada for the 17th iteration of this always loud, […]

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A 2040 Visualization of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County

Luke Juday, blogging at the fantastic StatChat blog of UVa.’s Weldon Cooper Center, just published some maps that envision what Virginia’s 2040 population projections could mean for development and landscape across the state. He used 2006 data to create a baseline map showing the current extent of developed land (everything in red). Here’s Harrisonburg and […]

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Meet the City’s Next Big Infrastructure Project: Stormwater Control

Earlier this year, the city convened a new Stormwater Advisory Committee to help it “in the implementation of a Stormwater Management Plan that will meet the requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia.” It’s hardly a sexy topic, but it’s becoming an increasingly important one for anyone who cares about things like water quality, […]

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Bombproof Paints A Bigger Harrisonburg Mural

Harrisonburg native & Richmond resident Bombproof has been painting murals in Harrisonburg over the past few months. He was back a few weeks ago to help Benny Sorentino’s – a new pizza place downtown – get ready to open. The restaurant prides itself on its huge slices & gave Bombproof plenty of space to work […]

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Two Dudes From Harrisonburg Just Set Off On An Excellent Adventure

Check out this plan, hatched last month by Timothy Rugg, aspiring professional road biker, and Dan Wolf, a first-year pro mountain biker: ) They left two weeks ago, and, as of today, are en route from Arizona to California. In the bag: a handful of races in Texas and Arizona, crashes all around (a broken […]

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Our State Delegates from Va.’s Bike Capital Did Vote Pro-Bike

Yesterday, the House of Delegates passed a bill requiring motorists to give bicycles at least three feet of clearance when passing. State law now requires just two feet of clearance, which is well within an arm’s reach and just not fun when we’re talking about trucks and cars traveling at speed. The bill passed by […]

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