A Lesson in Free Speech: Homophobic Preacher Drowned out by Love and Tolerance at JMU

At public universities, it is not uncommon to find Christian preachers “evangelizing” in common areas on campus.  Not quietly, and usually shouting and waving a bible.  I remember such antics near JMU’s D-hall in the late 90s.  There were two separate preachers that showed up at different times throughout my tenure there.  Both were typified […]

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Some Interactive Charts That Show How Big a Deal Farming in Rockingham County Is

Using numbers published in the recently released 2012 Census of Agriculture, Ilse Ackerman put together these two graphics that make it easy to compare agricultural production between Virginia’s counties. In general terms – e.g. “$ of Total Sales” –  Rockingham County is by far the state’s biggest farming county. For a more detailed picture, check […]

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A New Movement for Social Change is Afoot Among Harrisonburg’s Faith Communities

This story was written by Alisha Huber. Guess what the biggest annual non-sporting event in Charlottesville is. Nevermind, I’ll tell you because you’d never guess. It’s the Nehemiah Action Assembly, a gathering of local clergy, activists, politicians, and residents, coming together to support IMPACT Charlottesville in its mission to take on issues of social justice […]

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A Jail Crowding Q&A with Howard Zehr

I spent my 21st birthday inside a maximum security prison in Pennsylvania, on a field trip for a criminal justice course I took during my senior year at Eastern Mennonite University. It was taught by Howard Zehr, who pretty much founded restorative justice as an academic field. Earlier in the semester, I also had my […]

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Danny Knicely to showcase vintage Martin D-18 guitar for CD release concert, Sunday Sept 7

If you live in the Shenandoah Valley and you’re a fan of acoustic music, then you probably know about the multi-instrument virtuoso that is Danny Knicely.  If you’ve never heard of him, it may be because this pickers’ picker is one of the nicest and down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet.  He has a soft, open-hearted […]

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FWIW, Harrisonburg/Rockingham Jail Incarceration Rates Are Relatively Low

As we’re waiting on more detailed numbers that will help us understand why the jail in downtown Harrisonburg is so crowded and figure out what to do about it, Old South High asked the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services to dig into its database and give us an idea of how jail incarceration rates […]

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Guest Post: City Council Candidate’s Take on the MRAP

This is a guest post by Joshua Huffman, a candidate in this fall’s city council election. I’m sure that many of my fellow Harrisonburg residents are concerned about the increase in militarization of police forces around the county. Warnings of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri are fresh in our minds. As you likely know, this […]

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Keeping Up With the Armed Joneses

Last night, city council voted unanimously to accept $30,000 of free money from the state to spruce up the armored MRAP vehicle it’s already accepted for free from the U.S. military. In a brief discussion prior to the vote, it was clarified that the battering ram that will be attached to the MRAP is a […]

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The HPD Wants to Accessorize Its New Military Surplus MRAP with a Battering Ram and Other Stuff

There’s been a lot of local talk lately about public safety and problem solving as it relates to overcrowding at the jail downtown. And there’s been a whole lot of national talk lately about public safety and problem solving as it relates to police officers looking and acting like soldiers. That makes it an interesting […]

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Guest Post: On Michael Brown & Being Privileged in America

This a guest post by Cory Kuklick.  Last week Cory participated in a vigil called Black Lives Matter with over 50 Harrisonburg residents.  On the same night, folks from over 100 communities across America gathered together to share both words and silence in response to the killing of Michael Brown.  Here’s a reflection on the […]

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