Who wants a pipeline across Shenandoah Mountain? Wait not everybody at once, please.

10304880_10152072016795723_1459819437702019817_nYou know all that talk about fracking up Rockingham and August County?  Well, the same folks that want to convince us that there’s no harm to our water supply have been fracking up West Virginia for a good while now.  And now Dominion Power (technically Dominion Resources, Inc) wants to build a 450-mile natural gas pipeline from West Virginia through Virginia to North Carolina.  The project would cost about $2 billion and go into service in 2018.  It may run across Shenandoah Mountain just south of Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness Area, though according to company spokesman Jim Norvelle the route has not yet been selected.  “We have begun notifying landowners we’ll be on their property as early as this summer to begin surveying for the best possible route,” Norvelle said. “Just because we’re surveying doesn’t mean your property has been selected for the route.”

That said, check out the map.  This affects us right here in the Shenandoah Valley.

You can read more about the proposed plans here.

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  1. Amanda says:

    NO FUCKING WAY is this going to happen. This is out water, guys. This is our home. We cannot afford a risk like this in our backyard – or anywhere else, for that matter.

    • Andrew says:

      Bear in mind that what’s being talked about here is just a pipeline from Harrison Co., WVa., to points east that potentially could run nearby. There’s already lots of fracking going on in Harrison Co. Impacts of fracking and pipeline-building aside for a moment, this isn’t itself a renewal of fracking interest in this part of Virginia.

      • RHytonen says:

        Yes, there is a lot of it already going on.
        And the immense toxic and industrial harm we see it causing in the communities, to idividualsm property and infractructure as well as destroyed quality of life for all, is exactly why it all has to stop.

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