Some Interactive Charts That Show How Big a Deal Farming in Rockingham County Is

Using numbers published in the recently released 2012 Census of Agriculture, Ilse Ackerman put together these two graphics that make it easy to compare agricultural production between Virginia’s counties. In general terms – e.g. “$ of Total Sales” –  Rockingham County is by far the state’s biggest farming county. For a more detailed picture, check out the different commodities in the dropdown menu.

Note that values for some commodities in some counties, e.g. $ of Dairy Sales in Highland County, are recorded as “0” while others, e.g. $ of Dairy Sales in Bath County, are simply blank. Zero means zero, as in no commercial dairy production in Highland County, according to the USDA. A blank field means data has been withheld to protect individual farm privacy, typically when there a very few farms – or even just one – producing a given commodity in a given county. That’s the case in Bath County, which has just one commercial dairy, as you’ll notice if you select that field in the dropdown menu.

The second chart shows the relative size of a production in Virginia’s counties. One of the most notable is the huge proportion of the state’s total organic production that occurs in Rockingham County.

Ackerman lives in Harrisonburg and works for Upworthy.

This post was supported by the Riner Rentals writing partnership program.

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