The Burg’s Newest Boutique is so “Whatever”

Harrisonburg might be adding something a little cooler than another McDonalds this time. And no, I’m not talking about a Bojangles. Keep your eyes open for Whatever Vintage Boutique and White Unicorn, as they will be opening beside The Blue Nile this fall. You can do it all at this one stop shop: Buy your […]

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Student Social Media & The JMU Sexual Assault Controversy

Last week, social media was flooded with shares and retweets of JMU student Sarah Butters’ alleged sexual assault by three JMU fraternity brothers on a 2013 spring break trip to Panama City Beach, Fla. In a video of the incident that was later shared with dozens of people, Butters is allegedly shown topless while the […]

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Conversations With Paintbrushes: Artery Creates the Only Shark-Horse in Harrisonburg

On June 6th, I (A) went to one of the coolest events ever, (B) decided art is much cooler when you’re a part of its creation and (C) saw the only shark-horse in Harrisonburg. With paints, brushes and palettes in tow, a local troupe of artists gathered at Larkin Arts downtown for a truly spectacular […]

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Explaining The Draining: Why Newman Lake Is Almost Empty

If you still haven’t crossed a dip in Newman Lake off your JMU bucket list, now’s the time to plunge deep into its once murky waters without even getting your toes wet. A few weeks ago, a construction team at the university began draining the lake and rumors about why and what would be found […]

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How Produce at the H’burg Farmers Market Doesn’t Waste Away

Here’s an appalling statistic: we waste 40 percent of our food in this country. I recently read a Grist article by Nathanael Johnson that addressed the abundance of food waste at farmers markets, and I wanted to see how our market in Harrisonburg compares. As it turns out, our  community must be ahead of the […]

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