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Behold, The Golden Pony: Paul Somers signs lease at The Nile space

When the Blue Nile closed a few weeks ago, it was a tough time for many.  Though there were plenty of cheers, smiles and hugs going around that final weekend, it still was part celebration, part commiseration.  It was perhaps the best funeral ever.  The Nile, as a music venue, art gallery, and bastion of everything from […]

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Some Interactive Charts That Show How Big a Deal Farming in Rockingham County Is

Using numbers published in the recently released 2012 Census of Agriculture, Ilse Ackerman put together these two graphics that make it easy to compare agricultural production between Virginia’s counties. In general terms – e.g. “$ of Total Sales” –  Rockingham County is by far the state’s biggest farming county. For a more detailed picture, check […]

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How Produce at the H’burg Farmers Market Doesn’t Waste Away

Here’s an appalling statistic: we waste 40 percent of our food in this country. I recently read a Grist article by Nathanael Johnson that addressed the abundance of food waste at farmers markets, and I wanted to see how our market in Harrisonburg compares. As it turns out, our  community must be ahead of the […]

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Pale Fire Brewing Company Coming Soon To An Ice House Near You

The city’s second homegrown brewery, part of the in-progress renovation of the Ice House building on South Liberty St., has a name, Pale Fire Brewing Company, and an ETA: late fall. “We’re Harrisonburg guys opening a Harrisonburg brewery,” says Tim Brady, who got his start in 2002 as the assistant brewer at Calhoun’s (gone, but […]

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Get Out of Your House: the ‘burg abides

Ok, so I totally hate myself for slacking on posts for over a year in our Melt Your Face and In Your Face categories.  Sure, there’s a couple things posted there, but I’ve been to so many shows, concerts, plays, films, festivals, restaurant/bar events, poetry readings, fundraisers, dance parties, etc., in and around Harrisonburg, that […]

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JB’s and Hburgers donate over $8,000 to former employee

When Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint opened a few years back, Gabby Olko was among the opening staff.  Her hard work and charm helped establish the bar as a favorite watering hole and guilty pleasure.  After she finished school at JMU she moved out to California, where she’s currently a student at Yo San University […]

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The Little Grill Collective Turns 10 – Part II

The second in a two-part series looking at the past 10 years of worker-ownership at The Little Grill. Of the 26 people you’ll find now cooking, serving or cleaning up after your plate of blue monkeys at The Little Grill, just eight are worker-owners. This is the smallest that The Little Grill Collective has ever […]

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The Little Grill Collective Turns 10 – Part I

The first in a two-part series looking at the past 10 years of worker-ownership at The Little Grill. Sometime in the early aughts, when Ron Copeland discerned a clear and strong call to enter seminary, he realized this meant he was going to have to unburden himself of the day-to-day demands of owning The Little […]

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Thomas House: Real Country Cooking

They don’t have a website.  They don’t really do much marketing, and when they do they surely don’t tout superlatives like “finest” and “freshest”.  They really don’t have to.  They just make seriously good, authentic home cooking.  Their listing on the Virginia Tourism website states, “Country food prepared fresh daily in downtown Dayton. Where home […]

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Taste of Not Downtown: Napoli Ristorante Italiano

Taste of Downtown is going on this week in Harrisonburg. It’s a great thing, and it’s also a bit like Valentine’s Day, in the sense that it makes a big limited-time-only deal about something that you really should be doing all the time (be it eating downtown or showing people you love that you love […]

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