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Cool Show On Saturday at EMU

A buzzed-about, one-man folk band with Harrisonburg ties, Possessed by Paul James, is coming back to town this weekend for a performance at EMU’s MainStage Theater. Possessed by Paul James is the stage name of Konrad Wert, who graduated from EMU in 2001 after seven years and repeated drop-outs. Much more detail about all that […]

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Behold, The Golden Pony: Paul Somers signs lease at The Nile space

When the Blue Nile closed a few weeks ago, it was a tough time for many.  Though there were plenty of cheers, smiles and hugs going around that final weekend, it still was part celebration, part commiseration.  It was perhaps the best funeral ever.  The Nile, as a music venue, art gallery, and bastion of everything from […]

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Now That’s Good Theater: The Devil & Billy Markham at Court Square Theater

If you like dark comedy, go see this play.  And I mean now.  It’s only running tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 2pm at Court Square Theater.  It’s darn good entertainment.  But leave your little ones at home.  It’s not for them. Written by Shel Silverstein, it’s a one man play that focuses on a […]

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WMRA to begin airing Mountain Stage Sunday 8pm

For those that don’t know, WMRA/WEMC Public Radio has a new Executive Director & General Manager named Al Bartholet.   Previously, Al was Executive Director and General Manager of WKSU, Kent State University’s public radio station.  He’s been on the job since July 1, 2013 and a couple changes are beginning to take shape.  Here’s one: Starting […]

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Get Amped on MACRoCk: local webzine drops the science

We’re stoked about the super-rad brand new local webzine Worst Week Ever.  They’ve put together an awesome collection of who’s who and what’s to do for MACRoCk XVII and you should definitely read the whole dang thing.  Personally I’m pretty stoked about the organizers’  choice of a cicada for the 17th iteration of this always loud, […]

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Red Wing Roots Warm-Up: Check out Trent Wagler’s College Band

In the spring of 2001, a band of EMU students called The Red Wagon Band packed the house at the Little Grill. They traded instruments around, they dibbled in funky folk, they dabbled in Mennonite reggae, and they put on what I remember fondly as one hell of a show. Someone in the crowd bootlegged […]

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The Harrisonburg Roots of an Up-and-Coming Big Thing in Online Music

The recently published Forbes “30 Under 30 in Music” includes a bunch of Rolling Stone-types of musicians (Skrillex, Gaga, Miley, etc.) and some lesser-known names behind well-known phenomena like Spotify and Grooveshark. In that latter category is one J Sider – better known in his Harrisonburg hometown as Justyn Sider – the CEO and founder […]

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Get Out of Your House: the ‘burg abides

Ok, so I totally hate myself for slacking on posts for over a year in our Melt Your Face and In Your Face categories.  Sure, there’s a couple things posted there, but I’ve been to so many shows, concerts, plays, films, festivals, restaurant/bar events, poetry readings, fundraisers, dance parties, etc., in and around Harrisonburg, that […]

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Late 90s Hburg Basement Rockers Release Discography

“A rousing, breathless blast from the past” – KDHX 88.1 FM  The story of Speedwell is a long and arduous one. Speedwell began in the fall of 1996 as Meredith Bragg, Troy Farmer, and Jonathan Roth. They played some loud, crowded, beer-soaked shows in Harrisonburg while in college at JMU (some of them actually lived […]

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WXJM Live Signs Off For Final Time Tonight

At the conclusion of tonight’s WXJM Live broadcast, featuring The Judy Chops with Mark Slomski and other friends, the show’s decade-long run as a fixture in the local music scene will also come to an end. Two of the three people now behind the show ­– “Reverend” Bill Howard and “Magic” Molly Murphy – are […]

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