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Guest Post: An Open Letter to Harrisonburg about Marijuana Decriminalization

This is a guest post by Mike Wade, who contacted Old South High last month after reading a recent article about marijuana arrests in Harrisonburg. To the City of Harrisonburg, Virginia: When I saw the post that Andrew wrote last month about State Senator Adam Ebbin’s marijuana decriminalization bill before the upcoming General Assembly session, […]

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All Six Candidates for City Council Love Bicycles

In other non-surprising news from last night’s city council forum, each of the six candidates running for two seats supports economic development. They are into dialogue and good vibes with the JMU student body. They are down on racism and up on civic engagement. They believe in sustainability. And they are big on not wasting […]

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Now That’s Good Theater: The Devil & Billy Markham at Court Square Theater

If you like dark comedy, go see this play.  And I mean now.  It’s only running tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 2pm at Court Square Theater.  It’s darn good entertainment.  But leave your little ones at home.  It’s not for them. Written by Shel Silverstein, it’s a one man play that focuses on a […]

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A Lesson in Free Speech: Homophobic Preacher Drowned out by Love and Tolerance at JMU

At public universities, it is not uncommon to find Christian preachers “evangelizing” in common areas on campus.  Not quietly, and usually shouting and waving a bible.  I remember such antics near JMU’s D-hall in the late 90s.  There were two separate preachers that showed up at different times throughout my tenure there.  Both were typified […]

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The Burg’s Newest Boutique is so “Whatever”

Harrisonburg might be adding something a little cooler than another McDonalds this time. And no, I’m not talking about a Bojangles. Keep your eyes open for Whatever Vintage Boutique and White Unicorn, as they will be opening beside The Blue Nile this fall. You can do it all at this one stop shop: Buy your […]

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Guest Post: Not One More Deportation!

A guest post by Hermelinda Cortés: I was born at Rockingham Memorial Hospital at the tail end of 1987. My family found ourselves living on the Rockingham/Augusta County line just outside of Bridgewater. My mom was working class and white from Broadway, my father was a then-undocumented farm-worker Mexican immigrant, and us girls, according to […]

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Meet the City’s Next Big Infrastructure Project: Stormwater Control

Earlier this year, the city convened a new Stormwater Advisory Committee to help it “in the implementation of a Stormwater Management Plan that will meet the requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia.” It’s hardly a sexy topic, but it’s becoming an increasingly important one for anyone who cares about things like water quality, […]

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Misrepresenting the Valley’s Latino Youth

This article was originally posted on the Shenandoah Valley Scholars’ Latino Initiative website.  SV-SLI is a mentoring and scholarship program for youth in the Shenandoah Valley.  We at OSH believe that this is an important discussion for our community and thus the need to share this insightful reflection from a local professor. Misrepresenting the Valley’s Latino […]

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The Dedication of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way

Video by Brent Finnegan. Story by Andrew Jenner. The auditorium at Memorial Hall was packed at noon for the dedication ceremony of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. Near the top of the program, Stan Maclin – the guy who first proposed the naming of a street in Harrisonburg to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. – […]

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Get Out of Your House: the ‘burg abides

Ok, so I totally hate myself for slacking on posts for over a year in our Melt Your Face and In Your Face categories.  Sure, there’s a couple things posted there, but I’ve been to so many shows, concerts, plays, films, festivals, restaurant/bar events, poetry readings, fundraisers, dance parties, etc., in and around Harrisonburg, that […]

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